We are happy that you landed on target10a!

You are visiting a small Franconian family business, consisting of me, (Katharina), Christoph and our three children. In 2012 we started the company out of nowhere in our basement. The reason at that time was the development of training tools for our own needs, as we urgently wanted to increase our forceps and couldn't find what we were looking for anywhere. Therefore, there were first the wooden balls (line breaker SPHERES) in different sizes and a short time later an inclination-adjustable suspension for training boards, which we still use today.

Christoph and I are avid climbers. Unfortunately, we found this hobby quite late. But then we didn't want to leave anything to chance and went to train quite quickly in order to get the best out of us! We have allowed this climbing passion and years of intensive training experience to flow into our products. Meanwhile, there is a large own product range of training equipment made of wood. Our spheres are still highlights for pincer power, but we also have our own training board series BASE, PRO, CRIMP and AIR, with a suitable training app, and other well thought-out and proven training tools, such as the line breaker CUBE, MONO + or the RAIL. All these parts are with us in the weekly training use and proven to be successful :)

With our own products as well as with tools from other manufacturers, we want to be “the shop” for climbers and boulderers who are enthusiastic about training. So that you feel that you are in good hands, we have a magazine with free tips and instructions for climbing training and a YouTube channel with your own videos for you in addition to the web shop.

Wherever possible, our products are made from local woods such as linden or spruce. We produce directly on site in Ebrach and in two carpentry shops in Lower Franconia, i.e. short distances and regional workplaces. In order to make this possible, we have also decided to mill the boards from American tulip wood in order to be able to maintain these possibilities and still be able to deliver the highest quality goods. All training equipment is sustainable, i.e. an acquisition for life.

Have fun and success with training and your climbing goals!