Here we offer are a lot of accessories for climbingtraining: Screws, Allen Wrenches, Forearmtrainer, Chalk, Tape, Brushes, Cords, Literature, Handcare etc.

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  • Chalk / Tape / Brushes

    Chalk, Tape and Brushes.

  • Screws / Nuts /...

    Screws, Nuts, Screw-Wrenches etc.

  • Manicure

    Various hand creams to get faster again fit hands.

  • Cords / Round Slings

    Cords and round slings for hanging up training equipment

  • Literature for...

    A lot of books with climbingtraining as content.

  • Bars / Supplements

    Bars and Supplements for climbers

  • Remaining Stock / 2....

    Here we have ramaining astocks and articles of 2. chise for special price

  • Buy Recommendations

    With the large range of products you can already come into doubt, what is the right product for you! Therefore, we list on this page our favorites! Those who target the grade up to 7b or lower, the "beast maker 1000" is good advice in any case. For those who aim 8a and higher, the "CrusherHolds matrix" is a choice with which you can't do anything wrong! In our opinion, the "matrix" is currently the best training board for extreme climbers! You can also send us an email with any questions to

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Showing 1 - 18 of 44 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 44 items