Here we are trying to give you a huge selection of the best hangboards, fingerboards, trainingsboards (whatever they are called)!

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  • Antworks

    Small austrian manufactory, providing the climbing world with wooden training equipment. Boads, poles, pegboards etc.

  • beastmaker
    beastmaker hangboards - probably the most popular fingerboards at the moment!
  • Bleaustone
    Climbing brand which was founded 2003 in Sheffield.
  • Core Climbing...
    Cool designed hangboards
  • CrusherHolds
    Company from the middle of England (Darwen) whose products have what it takes to keep up with the beastmaker trainingsboards!

    Trainingsboards from UK from the company HOLDZ

  • Kraxlboard


  • Lumberjack Boards
    Boards of Erlanger climbers from the Franconian Jura.
  • Metolius

    An established manufacturer of climbing gear since 30 years

  • Moon Climbing
    Moon Climbing Traininsboards
  • Rokodromo

    Manufacturer of Trainingsboards and Climbingholds from Spain.

  • So iLL
    Creative trainingsboards of So iLL from the USA
  • Linebreaker BOARDS

    Our Trainingsboards

  • Witchholds

    Trainingsboards from poland from the company Witchholds

  • Zlagboard
  • Captain Fingerfood

    Captain Fingerfood

  • YY Vertical

    French manufacturer of belay glasses, training equipment and accessories for more comfort and more power when climbing.

  • Max Climbing
  • Lattice
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Showing 1 - 18 of 96 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 96 items