Here we are trying to give you a huge selection of the best hangboards, fingerboards, trainingsboards (whatever they are called)!

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  • Antworks

    Small austrian manufactory, providing the climbing world with wooden training equipment. Boads, poles, pegboards etc.

  • beastmaker
    beastmaker hangboards - probably the most popular fingerboards at the moment!
  • Bleaustone
    Climbing brand which was founded 2003 in Sheffield.
  • Core Climbing...
    Cool designed hangboards
  • CrusherHolds
    Company from the middle of England (Darwen) whose products have what it takes to keep up with the beastmaker trainingsboards!

    Trainingsboards from UK from the company HOLDZ

  • Kraxlboard


  • Lumberjack Boards
    Boards of Erlanger climbers from the Franconian Jura.
  • Metolius

    An established manufacturer of climbing gear since 30 years

  • Moon Climbing
    Moon Climbing Traininsboards
  • Rokodromo

    Manufacturer of Trainingsboards and Climbingholds from Spain.

  • So iLL
    Creative trainingsboards of So iLL from the USA
  • Surfaces For Climbing

    The product range includes training board, handles and volumes of 100% polyurethane (PU) of the highest quality, as well as walls made of fiberglass and wood (climbing and bouldering) for indoors and outdoors.
    The Training Boards PROGRESSION and transgression are the most famous products of the manufacturer. Developed by the scientist Eva López, PhD. Comes with a training plan, which was developed under scientific aspects. In this way, the greatest strength gains the finger force is made possible.

  • Linebreaker BOARDS

    Our Trainingsboards

  • Wataaah
    Wataaah Trainingsbaords
  • Witchholds

    Trainingsboards from poland from the company Witchholds

  • Zlagboard
  • Captain Fingerfood

    Captain Fingerfood

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Showing 1 - 18 of 69 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 69 items